Volupte USA Combination Powder Compact

Volupte USA Combination Powder Compact

Code: B4089/C1


W: 4.5cm (1.8")H: 11cm (4.3")D: 1.8cm (0.7")


A super stylish 1940's combination powder compact by Volupte USA.  This delightfully pretty combination compact features two mirrors, a powder well and an integral lipstick holder all cleverly designed in the shape of a hand mirror.  There is an external mirror and an internal mirror in the lid, a lipstick holder which forms the handle of the 'mirror' and a deep powder well.  The lid is dark navy blue enamel accented with cream polka dots. It comes with the original puff and sifter.

This combination compact is in excellent condition throughout with only minimal light surface scratches to the gold tone body.  The external mirror has surface scratches and a slightly deeper scuff which is visible in the pictures.  The interal mirror has a light hazy fogging but both mirros are usable.  The powder well is in excellent condition and the original puff and sifter are in great condition with some residual powder present. The lipstick holder slides effortlessly in and out sits firmly in its holder.