Stratton Slab with rhinestones powder compact

Stratton Slab with rhinestones powder compact

Code: B4087/C2


W: 8cm (3.1")H: 1cm (0.4")D: 5.5cm (2.2")

£85.00 Approx $105.85, €99.18

A fabulous Stratton, England Slab powder compact.  This delightful and very tactile powder compact is rectangular in shape and known as a 'slab'.  It has two lines of ruby red rhinestones which accent the sides of the compact which then dips in the middle.  It has a fully framed mirror in the lid and comes with its original sifter. It has the Stratton logo on the powder well lid and is marked Stratton, Made in England at the base of the mirror and Patent Number 607648 which is stamped at the rim of the inner lid. It also has the patent number 530653 stamped on the underside of the catch and near the hinge on the inside and the patent number 562662 stamped near the hinge again on the inside.

This lovely powder compact is in excellent condition throughout.  The body of the compact has some light surface scratches.  There is some discolouration on the top of the compact which is only visible in some lights.  The ruby red rhinestones are all present.  The catch works extremely well and closes with an audible click. The mirror is in excellent condition. The inner powder well cover and frame has some light surface scratches. The original sifter is in good condition.