Pygmalian Sonata Powder Compact

Pygmalian Sonata Powder Compact

Code: B4075/C3


W: 6cm (2.4")H: 4cm (1.6")L: 7cm (2.8")


Super Pygmalion Sonata powder compact in the shape of a grand piano.  Made in England this compact is numbered No. 21 and comes complete with the original pouch and box as well as it's original sifter and puff.  This cleverly designed compact has fold down legs so that it can be transported in a bag or displayed on a dressing table.  Made in the 1950's.

This delightful powder compact is in excellent condition.  The gold tone body is in excellent condition, the mirror is silvered but still usable.  The sifter and puff are in good condition and the puff still has the 'Sonata' gold graphic visible.  The pouch is in excellent condition.  It comes with the original box which is showing signs of age related wear - one edge is missing and one side of the box is dented but the graphics are in great condition and undamaged. The lid closure is firm and a little stiff to open.