Vintage Emrich Mercedes Powder Compact

Vintage Emrich Mercedes Powder Compact

Code: B4019/C2


W: 8cm (3.1")H: 1.5cm (0.6")D: 8cm (3.1")

£65.00 Approx $82.59, €75.93

An elegant vintage 1950's powder compact by Emrich and featuring the 'Mercedes Benz' logo.  The perfect gift for the Mercedes driver. This is a relatively plain compact with gold tone body and engine turned design.  Inside is a plain gold colour with the lid of the powder well showing the Mercedes Benz logo in the centre. It opens up to reveal the original puff and sifter and appears to be unused - there is no powder residue. It comes in a black felt pouch,

The condition is excellent.  The outer body of the compact has surface scratches and scuffs on both sides. Inside has some surface scratches to the gold tone metal but is unused and the colour of the gold tone is bright.  The mirror is clear with no fogging or silvering.  There appears to be some sort of glue residue on the top left edge of the mirror but this does not detract from the function of the mirror.  The catch shuts with an audible click.