Lectures and Talks

Welcome to Lectures and Talks.

I have a long history of presenting, giving talks and lectures as well as live and pre-recorded interviews and broadcasts.  

I undertake a large number of lectures, talks or speaker events across the UK.  

The talks currently available (when Government guidelines allow) are as follows:

* Handbags - A Historical Journey

* Powder Boxes and Powder Compacts - A brief history

* Lucite - From Cockpit to Sculpture to Wear

* Fashion and Sustainability - An introduction

Please get in touch if you are interesting in booking me for one of these talks on 07599 846179 or email me at bagsofglamour@btinternet.com or alternatively contact me via the enquiry form on the website.

Art and Antiques for Everyone Celebrity Talks Summer 2019

A WI Centenary Talk 


More information and details of dates will be available as per government guidelines