1940's Gucci Italy Silver Gilt with Ruby Powder Compact

1940's Gucci Italy Silver Gilt with Ruby Powder Compact

Code: B4360/C10-054


W: 8cm (3.1")H: 1cm (0.4")D: 6cm (2.4")

£1,475.00 Approx $1874.21, €1723.13

A truly stunning work of art! A circa 1940's Gucci (Italy) silver gilt with ruby fastening powder compact.  This beautiful powder compact is textured silver (marked 925) with gilt decoration in the form of stylised flowers and foliage.  The compact is secured by a ruby fastening. It opens up to reveal the silver mark and 'Made in Italy, Gucci'. It then folds out to reveal the mirror and powder well.  The lid is adorned with the same floral silver and gilt pattern.  There is a small silver clasp to pull the lid open and this reveals the gilt interior of the powder well.  It comes with the original sifter.  There is a hallmark on the mirror surround.  It weighs 135.9 grams.  This is a rare powder compact.  Extensive research has shown no other examples.  It is signed with a signature still being researched.

This elegant and striking powder compact is in excellent condition.  The mirror has some fogging but is still useable.  Across the back of the powder well is an indent which can be seen (under close inspection) on the bottom left of the front of the compact. It can be felt by running a finger across the bottom of left of the compact.  The right hand edge of the compact has a tiny ding and a scuff.  There are some surface scratches to the inside lid near the hallmark.  The ruby catch works well and closes with a firm click.