Glitter Lucite Compact Carryall

Glitter Lucite Compact Carryall

Code: B4122/C7


W: 13.5cm (5.3")H: 7.5cm (3")D: 2cm (0.8")


A stunning 1950's unsigned compact carryall made in the USA.  This eye catching carryall has a gold tone body and a gold and silver glitter lucite lid.  This delightful carryall includes a compact well, compartment for lipstick and a larger compartment which could have been for cigarettes or perhaps a dance card. The full length mirror pulls forward to reveal a secret compartment which may have held a handkerchief, money or dance card. The powder well holds the original puff.

The carryall is in excellent condition.  The lucite looks fantastic - it is difficult to see any surface scratches due to the sparkle!  The gold tone body has some surface scratches. The chain is in good condition.  The two sides look slightly off centre from one another but it closes securely and with a good click from the catch.  Inside the powder well lid closes with a firm click.  The mirror has a patch where the puff was pushed against it but this does not effect the mirror useage.