Tartan Parasol Purse

Tartan Parasol Purse

Code: B4343/B4


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 16cm (6.3")D: 7cm (2.8")

£175.00 Approx $222.36, €204.44

A fabulous Art Deco tartan purse in the form of a parasol.  This super purse is in a beautiful red tartan fabric which I think is cotton canvas with Moire fabric top with a gate top (concertina) opening and a small chain to carry it.  The tip of the parasol is green celluloid.  Inside there is a yellow moire fabric lining.  This is a rare and quirky purse.

The condition of this lovely purse is excellent.  The gate top opening and chain are in good condition.  The tartan material and lining are in great condition.  The celluloid tip has a tiny chip to the bottom.