Stunning large Victorian Beaded Bag

Stunning large Victorian Beaded Bag

Code: B4352/B3JK


W: 18cm (7.1")H: 28cm (11")

£275.00 Approx $342.47, €320.89

A stunning Victorian micro beaded bag/reticule.  This bag/reticule dates from Circa 1900 and is one of the largest examples I have seen.  The micro beads are incredibly vibrant in colour with hues of black, red, bronze, green and gold and also a striking and contrasting blue.  The bag is not lined and shows the incredibly intracate work involved in this beautiful bag. It is finished at the bottom with a number of jet black tassels.  At the top are the most wonderful integral eyelets which are stiffened crotcheted fabric and through this is threaded the cord handle.

This beautiful bag is in fantastic condition.  The beadwork is breathtaking.  As a note a small number of the beads have popped through to the inside and at the crotcheted top near the eyelets there are a couple of threads showing.  The bag/reticule is truly vibrant.