1920's Micro Beaded Bag

1920's Micro Beaded Bag

Code: B4276/B4


W: 14cm (5.5")H: 23.5cm (9.3")D: 0.8cm (0.3")

£145.00 Approx $180.57, €169.19

Fabulous 1920's Art Deco Micro Beaded Bag.  This bag is unassigned but believed to be English in origin.  It has a black and bronze colour scheme with a different design on each side.  One side is a gorgeous chequer board design and the other side has a smaller black and bronze design.  The bag is lined.

Body - one side all beads intact.  The chequer board side has 1 or 2 beads missing on the body.  Lining and ribbon in excellent condition.  Fringe beading to the top in good condition with a few loops missing.  Fringing to the bottom of the bag is excellent with only one brown loop missing.  The ribbon handle is in excellent condition with each of the three beaded loops on each strand present and in good condition.